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jeudi 28 mai 2009


[premio mariposa[14].jpg]
Guachi guauuu!!!! llegó volando desde el otro lado del océano, lo lanzó MadameLulu con un golpe de remo que lo envío desde el Paraná hasta la mismísima Pagris ... 
Lo pondré en mi hermosa vitrina, junto a todas  mis medallas olímpicas y otros Césares y Oscares ... y alguna otra cosa que debo estar olvidando como una palmita u osito polar! 

Las reglas son las siguientes :

Colocar el logo del premio en el blog.

Elegir el atuendo con el que iríamos a recibir el premio.

Escoger a 10 blogs que demuestren gran actitud o para los que tienen un gran agradecimiento.

Publicar los enlaces de sus nominados.

Informarles que recibieron este premio comentando en sus blogs.

Compartir el cariño, publicar el link de este post y la persona de quien se ha recibido este premio.

Me encantaría poder cumplir las reglas (ejem!) ... pero como soy muy nueva en esto, y casi todos los blogs que frecuento ya han recibido el famosísimo premio, sólo voy a entregar uno, pero que vale por 10!!!!

Así que THE WINNER IS ....    QUIERO, el blog de Jime! 

Top nivel!

mercredi 27 mai 2009


Ok, las fotos no son así.  Quise explicar como son en realidad, pero me enrosqué y me pareció muy largo.  Las saqué con mi sputnik y son mucho mas definidas ... y aparte es una impresión re vieja ... los originales son ektas que no puedo escanear.  Tengo que conseguir un escaner que haga transparencias 6x6.  


I don´t know, I answered him.  He´s right, I´m not specially fond of flowers.  When he used to come home wiht an enormous bunch,  I was happy, but it made me upset to put them in a vase and watch them as they shrivel, petals falling al over ...


When I was born, in 1969, Jim Harrison hadn´t yet given birth to ¨DALVA¨.  So I can´t say that my mother chose my name after reading the novel ... it was just a coincidence.  The origin of this name is unknown and I never understood where she took it from. I only know it means VALLEY ...

When I read Jim Harrison´s novel I felt so represented by the charachter, that when somebody makes questions about my name, I just say that my mother was reading this book when se got pregnant ... What a big lie, you shameless woman! And when I´m caugh IN FRAGANTI, I just laugh loudly, smile with all my teeth and change the subject of the conversation. 


From her home on the California coast, Dalva hears the broad silence of theNebraska prairie where she was born and longs for the son she gave up for adoption years before. Beautiful, fearless, tormented, at forty-five she has lived a life of lovers and adventures. Now, Dalva begins a journey that will take her back to the bosom of her family, to the half-Sioux lover of her youth, and to a pioneering great-grandfather whose journals recount the bloody annihilation of the Plains Indians. On the way, she discovers a story that stretches from East to West, from the Civil War to Wounded Knee and Vietnam -- and finds the balm to heal her wild and wounded soul.


mardi 26 mai 2009



Today my mood is not so sunny ... well, let´s face it, the sky is not on my side.  Yesterday, after an extremely hot and heavy day (and sunny too), the storm hit us hard at the end of the evening. So today we are enjoying a fresh day, but of course the sky is grey and cloudy ... as well as my mood.  

lundi 25 mai 2009


NATURE 2 (sexy MF)


Just great! Merci pour les messages.

mercredi 20 mai 2009


I´m going away from the city for a few days.  

Breathe fresh air
Touch the grass
Climb up a mountain
Walk in the nature
Read and read
Take some pictures
NO COMPUTER ... means no blogging

lundi 18 mai 2009


No, I´m not flying away, not even running away.  Some strange things are going on ... anything could happen any minute!  What if it was true?  Our mind is so powerful, there is so much energy.  J´ai le vertige ... 
So many decitions to make.  The ball is on my side, I just have to go for the right choice.

samedi 16 mai 2009


Have a nice week end!

vendredi 15 mai 2009



Yesterday I went out for drinks with some friends.  We were invited by one of our friends to a horrible party,  full of teenagers drinking beer and smoking on the side walk.  We looked at each other and RUN AWAY  from the bar.  We went to a very nice place call MAMA SHELTER.  This modern hotel, decorated by Starck, has a very cool bar and restaurant.  So there we had some drinks, ate something from the ¨carte¨,   and talked in this cool ambiantence so parisien!   I didn´t take any pictures, but I will return there for sure, so next time.   Of course the decoration was great, so urban and chic with a nice touch of light. 
I think it´s a great place for a date, you can have dinner and drinks, and afterwards just go upstairs and spend the night in good company.   Good address in the 20th. arrondissement de Paris.
I publish this picture of the Tour Eiffel ... just to be in a mood ¨parisien¨ (with rain and grey sky inculded!).

jeudi 14 mai 2009


Jeannette ou Charlotte?

While waiting for the sunny days, I take a look at my old pictures and find some warm reflections. The rain is falling non stop, the sky is grey ...but my mood is sunny.  Why? There is no particular reason.  I have no job (I refused a proposition last week, so no coplaining about the subject), I have no particular projects, I´m going to turn 40 soon ... I have a new wrinkle  and I refuse plastic surgery!  So why??? Why is my mood sunny? I don´t know, but I will enjoy it.   

mardi 12 mai 2009


Thank you Cécile!

dimanche 10 mai 2009


Obviamente es una inspiración directa de LA CAMARA LUCIDA.  No pude evitar fotografiar esta muñequita cuando la descubrí en Bruxelles arriba del escritorio Rue Washington,  y al mismo tiempo pensé en las últimas fotos de su blog.  I did it my way.

mercredi 6 mai 2009



I´ m running away.  I´m jumping on a train in a few hours.  Destination: Burxelles
Just for two days, so  I will not be posting anything during this time.

It´s hard for me to make a decition.  But I did that a few hours ago!  I decided to say no to a project for the summer ... it´s the first time I ever say NO.  But it feels good! I didn´t want to run away once again, I decided to stay with my children ... 
Some other people made up their minds too ... and they decided to hire husband for a ten month contract on a faraway location.    Many changes on the horizon!  It´s  so exciting !  I feel like I have my life in my hands, I will try not to run away this time!  

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Me puse a esacanear algunas viejas fotos blanco y negro.  Tienen manchas, les hice un poco de curvas con fotoshop, ya que habían perdido en profundidad de negro.


Acabo de entender que mis fotos son chiquitas, pero si cliquéas, las podés ver en grande.  Esta, la escané de una copia grande ... o sea que cuando cliquéas, la foto es enorme!!!
Estoy contenta, tengo dos miembros en mi blog!!!! Soy muy inexperta, así que no entiendo mucho para que sirve, pero está bueno.
Bienvenidas a las dos primeras: MadameLulu y La Cámara Lúcida!
Creo que estoy entendiendo para que sirve! jajaja!