mercredi 6 mai 2009


I´ m running away.  I´m jumping on a train in a few hours.  Destination: Burxelles
Just for two days, so  I will not be posting anything during this time.

It´s hard for me to make a decition.  But I did that a few hours ago!  I decided to say no to a project for the summer ... it´s the first time I ever say NO.  But it feels good! I didn´t want to run away once again, I decided to stay with my children ... 
Some other people made up their minds too ... and they decided to hire husband for a ten month contract on a faraway location.    Many changes on the horizon!  It´s  so exciting !  I feel like I have my life in my hands, I will try not to run away this time!  

4 commentaires:

  1. Owo !!
    pz chido que te diviertas creo :S
    me llegan tus palabras y recuerda que
    la libertad no siempre esta donde tu la buscas
    es como la felicidad esta dentro de ti