mercredi 28 octobre 2009


Sometimes I´m waiting so hard for something to happen ... that stillness can even make me sick. I can vomit my frustration, my love and my fears. I´m not a teen ager anymore (you know it already, don´t you?) so I can let go, I can erase things from my heart, from my head. And that phone call I´m longing for, becomes nearly transparent, like a reflection on a window.
And of course, when I stop waiting and hoping, I find a message on my phone. I wanted so bad that to happen, and now I am scared to death, and thrilled, dazed and confused.

5 commentaires:

  1. esatas fotos con el relato de estos estados de ánimo se me hacen adicción

  2. Coincido!! Alcoyana Alcoyana!!

    Es como una fotonovela o una novofotela!! jaja Marvellous!! Je t'adore comme toujours ma petite D!!!!!

  3. waiting on the phone...waiting...waiting...why do we have to wait? why don't we action?